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Eagle-Eye Cherry

With his breakthrough American hit "Save Tonight," alternative singer/songwriter Eagle-Eye Cherry became the latest member of his family to stir the music world: his father was avant-garde jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, and his sister was alternative rap pioneer Neneh Cherry. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1971, Cherry was christened Eagle-Eye (yes, his real name) because the first time he looked at his father, he did so with only one eye open. Cherry spent most of his early childhood in Sweden and on the road with his father, and at age 14, when his family moved to New York, he studied acting at the New York School of Performing Arts. He also took up the drums, playing in several bands for fun, and later played around with keyboards and songwriting. Acting remained his primary focus for the time being, though, and after school he made a living appearing in plays, commercials, and the occasional television pilot; he also guested on The Cosby Show. In the meantime, seeking more control over his own creative expression, Cherry began playing guitar and writing songs again.

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