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Jerry Yester

Jerry Yester had a minor but very interesting role, usually as a supporting player, in 1960s folk-rock and (to a lesser extent) psychedelic music, as both a performer and a producer. Yester first rose to prominence as a recording artist as part of the Modern Folk Quartet, who did some standard folk-pop albums in the early- to mid-'60s. The Modern Folk Quartet did make the transition to electric folk-rock, but their electric phase is barely documented at all, with just one noted track, "This Could Be the Night," produced by Phil Spector. This was not released when it was recorded in the mid-'60s, although it came out on the Phil Spector Back to Mono box set. The track actually sounded less like folk-rock than it did like the mid-'60s Beach Boys, with suitably Spectorian production.

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