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Country, Traditional Bluegrass, Old-Timey, Country-Rock, Instrumental Country, Bluegrass, String Bands, New Traditionalist, Gospel, Progressive Country, Traditional Folk, Contemporary Country, Neo-Traditional Folk, Contemporary Bluegrass, Bluegrass-Gospel, Progressive Bluegrass, Contemporary Folk

Album Review

Highly recommended. The best bluegrass money can buy!
Chip Renner, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Big Ben
  2. Along About Daybreak
  3. Valley of Peace
  4. Sleepy-Eyed John
  5. This World's No Place to Live in (But It's Home)
  6. High on a Mountain
  7. Old Swinging Bridge
  8. Montana Cowboy
  9. Blow Your Whistle
  10. Home Is Where the Heart Is
  11. Wildwood Mandolin
  12. I'm Gonna Put You Down (And Leave You There)
  13. If You're Ever Gonna Love Me
  14. Banjo Bounce
  15. Who Done It?
  16. Cabin on a Mountain
  17. Sally Goodin'
  18. Last Old Shovel
  19. Ragtime Annie
  20. Lorene
  21. Crazy Creek
  22. Dark Is the Night
  23. I Ain't Broke (But I'm Badly Bent)