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May 16, 2006
Jazz, Orchestral Pop, Sweet Bands, Torch Songs, Standards

Album Review

Once upon a time, Gus Arnheim (1897-1955) led a hugely popular society dance band based at the club Cocoanut Grove within the swank Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. Founded in cahoots with Abe Lyman in 1927, the band soon billed as Gus Arnheim's Cocoanut Grove Orchestra toured every corner of the continental United States as well as Britain and mainland Europe. Released in 2006, Renovation's double-disc In Hollywood stands as one of the few existing monuments to Arnheim's early successes. Arnheim is best remembered for having employed the Three Rhythm Boys, an ex-Paul Whiteman vocal group consisting of Harry Barris, Mildred Bailey's brother Alton Rinker, and rising star Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby. Tapping into the years 1928-1933, In Hollywood features no less than 23 vocalists, the most famous being Crosby, Joan Crawford, and Eddie Cantor. Instrumentalists who also sing include violinist Russ Columbo, saxophonist Fred MacMurray, and banjoist Ed Landry, brother of bandleader Art Landry. The handsomely nostalgic playlist includes three Arnheim originals ("Sweet and Lovely," "I'm Gonna Get You," and "It Must Be True") as well as such timeless yet dated delights as "Let's Fall in Love," "Back in Your Own Backyard," and "Singin' in the Rain."
arwulf arwulf, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Back in Your Own Backyard
  2. Now I'm in Love
  3. Singin' in the Rain
  4. This Is Heaven
  5. I'm Feathering a Nest
  6. One Sweet Kiss
  7. Lovable and Sweet
  8. All I Want Is Just One
  9. Dancing to Save Your Soul
  10. I've Gotta Yen for You
  11. A Peach of a Pair
  12. Go Home and Tell Your Mother
  13. I'm Doin' That Thing
  14. Fool Me Some More!
  15. Them There Eyes
  16. It Must Be True
  17. The Little Things in Life
  18. La Rosita
  19. Thanks to You
  20. One More Time
  21. Ho Hum!
  22. I Surrender, Dear
  23. I'm Gonna Get You
  24. To Whisper, Dear, I Love You
  25. Why Shouldn't I?
  26. Just One More Chance
  27. At Your Command
  28. There's Nothing Too Good for My Baby
  29. Sweet and Lovely
  30. Red, Red Roses
  31. How Long Will It Last?
  32. Lies
  33. Put Your Little Arms Around Me
  34. You've Got Me in the Palm of Your Hand
  35. You're Blasé
  36. Evening
  37. It Might Have Been You
  38. Love Is a Dream
  39. If You Don't Want to Be Sweethearts
  40. Suzanne
  41. Love in the Moonlight (For Me)
  42. Dancing in the Moonlight
  43. I Want You -- I Need You
  44. Love Passes Me By
  45. I'm No Angel
  46. Coffee in the Morning (And Kisses in the Night)
  47. Like Me a Little Bit Less (Love Me a Little Bit More)
  48. Let's Fall in Love
  49. Summer Is Over (And So Is My Dream of Love)
  50. Goin' to Heaven on a Mule