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June 30, 1998
Rhythm & Blues, Soul

Album Review

The first two albums by the Detroit Emeralds -- one of Detroit's finest and most unheralded vocal groups -- are here burned on one CD. Thank you technology. These 22 tracks contain just the right mixture of uptown cool and Southern soul to please most everybody. Their hits "Do Me Right," "You Want It You Got It," and "Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)" are the cream, but "Wear This Ring (With Love)," "Feel the Need in Me," "I Bet You Get the One You Love" (also done by the Floaters), John Lennon/Paul McCartney's "And I Love Her," and others also work.
Andrew Hamilton, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Do Me Right
  2. Wear This Ring (With Love)
  3. Long Live the King
  4. What You Gonna Do About Me
  5. You Can't Take This Love for You, from Me
  6. Just Now and Then
  7. Lee
  8. If I Lose Your Love
  9. And I Love Her
  10. I Can't See Myself (Doing Without You)
  11. Holding On
  12. Admit Your Love Is Gone
  13. You Want It You Got It
  14. There's Love for Me Somewhere
  15. I'll Never Sail the Seas Again
  16. Take My Love
  17. Feel the Need in Me
  18. I've Got to Move
  19. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
  20. I Bet You the One You Love
  21. Till You Decide to Come Home
  22. Radio Promo [*]