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September 23, 1997
ZYX Music
Country, Country-Pop, Country-Folk, Bakersfield Sound, Traditional Country, Truck Driving Country

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Track Listing

  1. Six Days on the Road
  2. A Million Miles to the City
  3. Me and Ole C.B.
  4. Jack Knife
  5. Take Me Home, Country Roads
  6. I Could Sing All Night Long
  7. Diane (Do the Wrong Again with Me)
  8. If You Are Going to Tulsa
  9. I Know What It's All About Now, Mama
  10. Hardscuffle Road
  11. Sweet Sandy Page (Home on the Range)
  12. Me and Bobby McGee
  13. O Lonesome Me
  14. Rollin' On - We Gone
  15. Tom Dooley
  16. I Need a Frined
  17. Freedom
  18. Truck Driving Son-Of-A-Gun
  19. King of the Road
  20. That's How I Got to Memphis
  21. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  22. What Can't Woman Have a Good Beer Drinking Song
  23. Morning Sun
  24. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
  25. Money Greases the Wheels
  26. Bonjour Tristesse (Hello Sadness)
  27. Dan D. Derby
  28. The Great South State Truckstop Disaster
  29. Deutschland Autobahn
  30. Sylvia's Mother
  31. The Lonesome Truck Driver's Waltz
  32. Help Me Make It Through the Night
  33. West Virginia Woman
  34. Rollin' Big
  35. The Hour of Separation