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February 27, 1996
Nashville Connection
Country, Country-Rock, Contemporary Country

Album Review

Reunited was recorded around Highway 101's tenth anniversary. To celebrate, Paulette Carlson joined the band again and the difference is apparent. The band and Carlson need each other -- they are more energetic and dynamic together than they are apart. Unfortunately, Highway 101 didn't create an album of all-new material -- out of the 12 tracks, four are re-recordings of their biggest hits. These are fine, but they don't have the spark of the originals, nor do they have the charm of the new songs. Though it isn't as good as their first two albums, it is better than either of their Liberty albums.
Thom Owens, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Where'd You Get Your Cheatin' From
  2. The Bed You Made for Me
  3. Holdin' On
  4. Hearts on the Run
  5. Setting Me Up
  6. She Don't Have the Heart to Love You
  7. Texas Girl
  8. All the Reasons Why
  9. Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin', Broken Heart
  10. I've Got Your Number
  11. It Must Be Love
  12. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?