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May 23, 2011
Fantastic Voyage
Country, Traditional Country, Country-Pop, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly

Album Review

George Jones' early career was tied directly to record producer Pappy Daily, who discovered Jones and signed him to his local Texas label Starday Records in 1953, releasing Jones' first single in 1954. When Starday was absorbed into Mercury Records, Daily continued to produce Jones' releases for that label, and when Daily became a staff producer for United Artists Records in 1962, Jones followed him to that label. This three-CD, 86-track set includes the A- and B-sides of all of Jones' singles for Starday as well as some of his early sides for Mercury, and it shows Jones searching for a signature style, trying on rockabilly, imitating Hank Williams, recording under pseudonyms like Thumper Jones or Hank Smith, and even tracking cover versions of country hits for mail-order record companies, making this collection a true treasure for fans interested in Jones’ early years before he became a country legend and icon.
Steve Leggett, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. No Money In this Deal
  2. You're In My Heart
  3. Play it Cool Man, Play it Cool
  4. Wrong About You
  5. Let Him Know
  6. You All Goodnight
  7. Heartbroken Me
  8. Hold Everything
  9. What's Wrong With You
  10. Why Baby Why
  11. Seasons Of My Heart
  12. Still Hurtin'
  13. What Am I Worth?
  14. Your Heart
  15. I'm Ragged But I'm Right
  16. Rock It
  17. How Come It
  18. It's OK
  19. You Gotta Be My Baby
  20. Boat Of Life
  21. Taggin' Along
  22. Gonna Come Get You
  23. Just One More
  24. Yearning
  25. Uh, Uh, No
  26. Don't Stop the Music
  27. Too Much Water
  28. All I Want to Do
  29. Opry Rags
  30. Flame In My Heart
  31. No No Never
  32. Hearts In My Dreams
  33. Tall Tall Trees
  34. Cup of Loneliness
  35. Take the Devil Out of Me
  36. New Baby for Christmas
  37. Maybe Next Christmas
  38. Color of the Blues
  39. Eskimo Pie
  40. Nothing Can Stop My Love
  41. I'm With the Wrong One
  42. (I'm A) Wandering Soul
  43. Jesus Wants Me
  44. Treasure of Love
  45. If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries)
  46. White Lightnin'
  47. Long Time to Forget
  48. Into My Arms Again
  49. Who Shot Sam?
  50. If You Want to Wear a Crown
  51. My Lord Has Called Me
  52. Big Harlan Taylor
  53. Money to Burn
  54. Accidently On Purpose
  55. Sparkling Brown Eyes
  56. Have Mercy On Me
  57. If You Believe
  58. Ragged But Right [Alt. Take] [Take]
  59. Yearning [Atl. Take] [Take]
  60. Hold Everything [Alt. Take] [Take]
  61. Any Old Time
  62. I'll Take the Chance
  63. Sweet Dreams
  64. Heartbreak Hotel
  65. Singing the Blues
  66. One is a Lonely Number
  67. Maybe Little Baby
  68. Run Boy
  69. I'm A One-Woman Man
  70. Settle Down
  71. Heartbroken Me [Alt. Take]
  72. Rain, Rain
  73. Frozen Heart
  74. I've Got Five Dollars (And It's Saturday Night)
  75. 'Cause I Love You
  76. You Never Thought
  77. Don't Do This To Me
  78. Gotta Talk to Your Heart
  79. Good Old Bible
  80. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
  81. We'll Understand It
  82. That's the Way I Feel
  83. Give-Away Girl
  84. No Use to Cry
  85. You're Back Again
  86. Life to Go