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Shout! Records
Pop/Rock, Roots Rock, Punk/New Wave, Rock & Roll, New Wave, College Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Album Review

Right from the beginning, with Dave Alvin's title song, the Blasters made their statement, that basic rock & roll was as contemporary in 1980 as it had been in the mid-'50s. The other 12 tracks, which mixed Dave and Phil Alvin originals with covers like "I Wish You Would" and "Never No More Blues," reiterated the opening remark, re-creating the feel of a biker bar after a couple of tall ones. Actually, the Blasters didn't have much to say beyond this record, of which only a couple of thousand copies were pressed, but they went on to a few years with Warner Bros. [In the late '90s, the debut was released on CD with six bonus tracks, all covers, and that statement seemed just as valid as it had at first.]
William Ruhlmann, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. American Music
  2. Real Rock Drive
  3. Barefoot Rock
  4. I Don't Want To
  5. Marie Marie
  6. I Wish You Would
  7. She Ain't Got the Beat
  8. Flattop Joint
  9. Crazy Baby
  10. Never No Mo' Blues
  11. Buzz Buzz Buzz
  12. She's Gone Away
  13. Barn Burning
  14. 21 Days in Jail [#][*]
  15. Love 24 Hours a Day [#][*]
  16. I Fell in Love [#][*]
  17. So Glad [#][*]
  18. Ashamed of Myself [#][*]
  19. Lone Wolf [#][*]