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September 07, 1993
Morgan Creek
Soundtrack, Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Soundtracks, Soul, Blue-Eyed Soul

Album Review

The soundtrack to True Romance starts out with some light marimba music (the basis of all the score pieces intermingled between tracks), then moves on to go over a number of light pop/soft rock bits. Charlie Sexton's Elvis-inspired "Graceland" is followed by a light number from John Waite, and then contemporary classic soul men Charles & Eddie's "Wounded Bird." Something of a club track from Nymphomania follows, and then more of the same lightweight material as before. Finally, near the end, Soundgarden's "Outshined" appears, bringing a much-needed (by then) dose of heavier material. The album finishes with Chris Isaak's "Two Hearts," which brings a return to the softer material the album has been pushing (as well as another slight Elvis tinge). Overall, not a bad album, though it becomes rather predictable up until the Soundgarden moment. Pick it up for a few relative rarities put into the same album. Otherwise, simply get an Elvis album, a Soundgarden album, and some sort of soft rock compilation.
Adam Greenberg, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. You're So Cool
  2. Graceland
  3. In Dreams
  4. Wounded Bird
  5. I Want Your Body
  6. Stars at Dawn
  7. I Need a Heart to Come Home To
  8. Viens Mallika Sous le Dome
  9. (Love Is) The Tender Trap
  10. Outshined
  11. Amid the Chaos of the Day
  12. Two Hearts