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LH (Lionelle Hamanaka)
Country, Country-Pop, Obscuro, Baroque Pop, AM Pop

Album Review

One of three perhaps shadily released Lee Hazlewood compilations -- for which Hazlewood's LHI logo is used, hopefully by LHI themselves -- Love and Other Crimes is essential for Hazlewood fans. It spends a generous amount of time cribbing from Hazlewood landmarks like his MGM gems, Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure and The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood. (Ironically, his first solo album, which was also titled Love and Other Crimes, has only three inclusions here.) Much of that material was later plowed by Ace's two-disc compilation, but Love and Other Crimes remains an excellent source for a parade of Hazlewood material.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. For One Moment
  2. Bugles in the Afternoon
  3. After Six
  4. The Nights
  5. Your Sweet Love
  6. We All Make the Flowers Grow
  7. Look at That Woman
  8. She Comes Running
  9. Forget Marie
  10. Pour Man'
  11. Love and Other Crimes
  12. Them Girls
  13. Friday's Child
  14. Hutchinson Jail
  15. By the Way
  16. Four Kinds of Lonely
  17. Houston
  18. Since You're Gone
  19. A Real Live Fool
  20. I'm Blue
  21. The Fool
  22. That Old Freight Train
  23. Me and Charlie
  24. I'm Gonna Fly
  25. The Bed
  26. Bye Baby
  27. No Regrets